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No, I am not becoming poetic and remembering a dish from my childhood. Neither am I going to share stories. I am just going to talk about something a made a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

As you can see, I have kind of abandoned this blog. I could make all sorts of excuses and give tons of explanations – but lets just call it laziness.

This one started with leftover ravioli filling, and some weird looking squash I had no idea what to do with. Also a bit of leftover demi-glace. The filling was homemade ricotta, sundried tomatoes (out of a bottle – sorry, but I don’t have the patience or the amount of tomatoes for that), an egg for binding, and salt and pepper. Simple and good. The squash were those yellow ones that look like a cross between a squished tennis ball and an alien spaceship.

The process was pretty simple: first you cut the squash in half, empty them a little bit, and steam them till they become slightly soft (if you’re lazy like me, that’ll be done in the microwave). Then stuff with the ricotta mixture, and put in a 400F oven. Some grated parmesan on top will fo wonders for looks.

Looking good

Bake until it looks good. Or until the parmesan starts to crust. If you want me to give a number, I’ll say 20 minutes; but I have no idea how long it was. Writing it down would have been way too organized for me.

The demi-glace was reduced a bit more, with some balsamic vinegar.

The sauce

Voila le sauce!

Aaaaaaaaaand … that’s it. Plate and make it look pretty if you’re going to be taking photos of it. It wasn’t a quick meal what with all the steaming and baking time, but it was certainly simple.

Ricotta stuffed Summer squash

Ricotta stuffed Summer squash


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