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Wheres the egg? Wheres the chicken? Wheres the lettuce??

Where's the egg? Where's the chicken? Where's the lettuce??



Letuce-l^^^Actually, it did have lettuce. But that was about it

Blend everything together. Mix with salad greens. Sprinkle a little more cheese on top to pretty-fy it. I so could write a book telegram style STOP

After being super lazy and eating junk food (remind me to write some day about my guilty pleasure snack) I felt guilty and made Alex dinner. I’m not hungry right now but look how nice I am that I made you dinner, even though I just happen not to be hungry. Not sure what the main part of the meal was – but there was a salad made of the greens I could rescue from our almost week-old mix of lettuce, arugula, and baby spinach.

We get our vegetables from a CSA box every Wednesday, so by Tuesdays the fridge looks sad and lonely. You open the door and its just staring at you with Bambi eyes. It also makes you want to order pizza and forget about the odds and ends you have left over. Move over tiny zucchini, here comes the PEPPERONI! Which is to say, we had nothing else to put on that salad – better make a more sophisticated dressing than my usual oil  + vinegar (which DOES admit a ton of variations if you’re playing with two types of olive oil and 3 or four vinegars, two of them balsamic, the other rice, and cider or white).

I was going to use the phrase Google to the rescue! but that wouldn’t be entirely true. I knew what blog I had seen a dressing recipe in that looked good, so I went directly there.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Pioneer Woman’s Cesar salad ressing recipe (Warning: if you start looking through her site, you’re bound to waste^^^spend a lot of time there).

The verdict? Yum! It didn’t taste very Cesar ddressing-like as far as I’m concerned, but I’m no expert, and who cares anyway! This was GOOD. I must warn you though that the amounts in that recipe are too much, you’re going to have leftover dressing. Not that that’s a problem – it’s THAT good.


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